Kim Ain’t Missing You No More Diddy

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
     Looks like Diddy gonna be cooking for himself again as word is Kim has gone walk about and isn’t coming back. I mean it can’t come as a surprise as Diddy has been running around with other chicks lately. He was all loved up with his English white girl in London last weekend…yeah Jude Law’s ex Sienna Miller.  Maybe Kim, after ten years of the same BS, was like ‘enough is enough.’ Turns out home girl is pursuing her acting and modeling career. I mean I wasn’t aware that she could act, but then I wasn’t aware that Diddy could rap so I guess that works out.

Ne-yo Tried to Wife Superhead

      She tells all in her up and coming interview in King magazine about her meeting with the ‘so sexy’ singer. I am thinking Ms. Steffans can now literally say what she wants anyway true or untrue as she pretty much has worked her way through the industry and no one knows if what she talks is true and nor do they care. Mad at King for making her the cover…


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