Kim K -1 People With Real Jobs – 0

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So I’m cruising Necole Bitchie for basic b*tch news because that’s what a sensationalist hip hop blogger does when I came across this gem about Kim Kardsahian’s wedding:

Kim’s wedding was the epitome of big business. Not only did they sell the photos for $1.5 million, but everything from the $10,000 invitations, the $2 million dollar ring, the $6,000  10 tier wedding cake, $400,000 worth of Champagne and the $25,000 Vera Wang gown that Kim wore, where donated by sponsors in exchange for publicity and Kim will reportedly make $17.9 million dollars off of the wedding when all is said and done.  $17.9 million seems highly exaggerated but considering the ad spots for the two hour special are running $100,000 a pop, anything’s possible.

What the f*ck!  Even if that number isn’t real this chick probably made at least 8 million for getting married.  Here I am trying to create something from nothing when it appears as if all people have to do is be hot and bang notable people and then become rich.  Apparently I have life figured out all wrong.

Sidebar:  This chicks public life began with her having sex with the illustrious Ray J on the internet.  #America