Kodak Black Unveils ‘Dying to Live’ Complete Tracklist

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Featuring Juice WRLD, Offset, and more.

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, many artists are making late submissions to contend for the coveted Album of The Year spot. In the greatest potential outcome of the word, this 2018 due date has created some friendly competition over the past several Fridays, yielding impressive release after impressive release. This Friday, December 14th, will prove no different, as we’re expecting drops from Offset and Kodak Black.

Kodak has campaigning for his forthcoming album, Dying to Live, through an abundance of singles–like “If I’m Lyin, I’m Flyin”, “Calling My Spirit”, “ZEZE”, and more–and recently, the Project Baby has come through with the album’s complete tracklist and accompanying features.

Dying to Live comes in at 16-tracks, and is largely a solo effort for Kodak, save for a select amount of features. We already know that Travis and Offset have spots on the album, through the “ZEZE” lead single, but joining them are only two additional artists: the exploding Juice WRLD and the ever-entertaining Lil Pump on “Moshpit” and “Gnarly”, respectively.

Check out the complete tracklist below, and get ready for Dying to Live dropping this Friday, December 14th:

  1. “Testimony”
  2. “This Forever”
  3. “Identity Theft”
  4. “Gnarly” Featuring Lil Pump
  5. “Zeze” Featuring Travis Scott and Offset
  6. “Take One”
  7. “Moshpit” Featuring Juice Wrld
  8. “Transgression”
  9. “Malcolm X.X.X”
  10. “Calling My Spirit”
  11. “In the Flesh”
  12. “Close to the Grave”
  13. “From the Grave”
  14. “If I’m Lying, I’m Flyin”
  15. “Needing Something”
  16. “Could of Been Different”