Light Skin

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  1. what the hell is so wrong with light skinned girls getting in free damn stop hating and so they got in free who cares, maybe thats what the club owner likes its his shit

  2. READ plz!!! If u’re a dark-skinned LIBRA u get n free 2. This shit is not aimed @ RACE. Chill the fuck up…ya’ll ain’t hollerin when it’s “Ladies Night” @ the club. All women r beautiful dreadklove, not only sistas.

  3. wow . &nd people wonder how we can be racists, sexists, chauvenists, supremacists, and all other things among that . all people are equal at some point and if being lightskinned is what gets you in the club free … then what happens when only lightskinned people go ? they’re are NOT enough lightskinned people to keep a club running . sorry buddy .

  4. all yaw hating on this need to get a fuckin life cuz yaw dont even know whats behind all this..this party is not descriminating dark skin sistas…next week is the caramel bash and after dat is da sexual chocolate bash…get a fuckin grip..and all ladies get in free b4 11 no matter what shade you may be..DAMN!!!!

  5. Plz, plz, PLZ!!!! READ!!!! That is not the view of the entire club owner. Someone rented the club 4 that night only, & if they chose 2 let light-skinned ppl & LIBRAS n 4 free, they can do that! If u’re dark-skinned & not a libra & don’t want to go…THEN DON’T!!! Nobody cares if u don’t like how they want to do their shit.

    …And what will happen S0LE4REAL is light-skinned people , libras, and whoever wants to go will go and are willing to pay will party. I’m sure they won’t miss n e one who doesn’t come.

  6. You people obviously dont know what a book is cos if you did and read anything about Willie Lynch you know who he was and why there was a backlash.. a backlash that I believe was justified.

  7. Oh yeah and DREADKLOVE I do know of slave mentality but what does that have to do with a fucking party people should stop over analyzing shit and juts enjoy the moment and Like Young Ray Rizzy said weeks to follow is the caramel bash and bash the sexual chocolate bash so should light skinned sistas trip when those come up

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