Lil Boosie Is Having A Helluva Time In Prison

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So, after reportedly banging some female prison guards, and attempting to smuggle in some codeine, Lil Boosie is getting up to some more high jinks in his Louisiana lockdown. Boosie, who is serving a sentence for possession of marijuana in addition to fighting first degree murder charges, is under investigation for threatening East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore III. Lil Boosie has attacked Moore lyrically in the past, and a member of state police has confirmed that the investigation is underway:

“I can confirm that we received information relative to a credible threat against District Attorney Hillar Moore and the District Attorney’s Office.”

Apparently Lil Boosie has not been violent, but hasn’t been playing by the rules either. “He has a hard time following basic rules,” Warden Burl Cain said. “He’s getting better though.” Also, two officers resigned last week after they were caught letting Boosie make more phone calls than prisoners are allowed to make. Well tomorrow will decide if he needs to bribe more officers/smuggle in some more syrup as he is due in court  in relation to the indictment for his alleged role in the murder of 35-year-old Terry Boyd, who was killed in October of 2010 in Baton Rogue. Attorney Moore is heading an investigation which is examining the possibility of Boosie’s role in up to 5 murders. Spotted at AHH.