Lil Dicky Ends Three-Year Music Hiatus With “Freaky Friday”

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LD has finally returned.

It’s been awhile since we’ve received new Lil Dicky music–three-years to be exact. The comedic rapper garnered initial attention thanks to his self-deprecating style, poking fun at his substandard manhood and general whiteness. Instead of trying to be something that he’s not, Dicky leveraged his seemingly worthless hip-hop assets for an illustrious rap career. Now, the wait is over, as Dick returns with “Freaky Friday”.

First and foremost, LD is an entertainer. He might be surprisingly nice with the pen, and has a decent flow, but Dicky shines in comedic, video settings. Funny music videos are how he got his break–from “Ex-Boyfriend” to “$ave Dat Money”, LD keeps one-upping his previous work. His music video released today continues that tradition.

Centering on the drastically different lives between him and international superstar, Chris Brown, the two wonder what life would be like in each other’s shoes. With a Chinese restaurant facilitating the wish, the two get a chance to experience that greener grass. What ensues is a hilarious 5:20 video filled with jokes, raps, flows, and cameos.

Watch “Freaky Friday” below: