Lil Flip Too Broke to Pay for His Own Flight?

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By: Rizoh

      Next time Lil Flip decides to rap about how stanky rich he is, he might want to first consider a quick credit check. The Houston rap luminary was arrested over the weekend for credit card abuse. According to the Houston Chronicle, Flip turned himself in on the felony charge around 2:30 p.m. Saturday and was released shortly after posting a $2,000 bond.

      Sounds crazy, right? Wait till you hear this part: Court documents revealed that Flip is accused of buying a $671 Southwest Airlines ticket to Baltimore from Houston on June 8 with an American Express card owned by one Jordan Salinger. That’s a 1,329 less than he paid for bail.

Obviously, Jordan Salinger told officials he did not authorize the purchase.

      Flipperacci, on the other hand, claims that the ticket was purchased by a man named Kevin Frank. Well, that’s just too bad; Frank told authorities he neither knew Lil Flip nor made the purchase. In fact, Flip is said to have bought the ticket himself by phone just one hour before takeoff.

      The 26-year old rapper is due in court later today.


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