Lil Jon Fuses Rock and Rap on New Album

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By: Rizoh
      Lil Jon, the unofficial Mayor of Crunkston, GA is stuck between a rock and a rap tune on his fourth album. We’re talking about Jon’s forthcoming rock/rap LP, Crunk Rock. Jon told Billboard News that the disc will feature a rock side and a rap side.

      "It’s not a compilation. But it’ll have a lot of appearances, like how Dr. Dre does his records. There’ll be a hip-hop side and a rock side. It’s a mixture of all the sh*t I’ve done. Like Run-D.M.C. rapping over a hard rock track, I’m going to go back to some of those hard guitars over hip-hop beats. I won’t do a Metallica song, but I’ll take a Metallica riff and put it over a gangsta beat," Jon told Billboard.
      Guest spots and actual recordings are still being fleshed out, but some confirmed features include Ciara, Three-6-Mafia (or shall we say Two-6-Mafia), and R.Kelly.

      Crunk Rock, due out later this year, is Lil Jon’s first venture as a solo artist.


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