Lil Jon’s “Crunk Rock” On The Way…

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It’s been a while since we heard from ATL’s own Lil Jon, but the rapper has a new album ready and has announced a release date for the LP.

The album, Crunk Rock, is set to be a blend of sounds including R&B, Rap, House and Rock. Lil Jon recently spoke on the album saying:

“I’m finally ready to get CRUNK ROCK out there to my people!! It’s been a long time comin’ and the album has somethin’ for everyone on it. I gave them every kind of Lil Jon that they have ever heard on an album. From the crunk sh*t, to R&B, to house, electro and rock… The album is on a whole other level… I can’t wait for da’ people to hear it!!!”

The album has features from Game, R. Kelly and more and is set to be released sometime in June 2010.

I don’t know how successful this is going to be, the whole Lil Jon Crunk craze kind of died out after 2006, but at least he’ll have his Little Jonathan Winery to fall back on…