Lil Uzi Vert Finally Releases “XO Tour Llif3” Video

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It’s been a longtime coming. 

The streaming age has continued to facilitate the traction of hits. Now that users can vulture their way through albums, picking their favorite select tracks, certain songs are reaping inordinate benefits—especially those by superstar artists.

Arguably one of 2017’s hottest tracks comes from the fearless, genre-bending Lil Uzi Vert, “XO Tour Llif3”. The 4x Platinum tonally somber song uses a catchy hook, honest yet despairing lyrics, and psychedelic instrumentals that blur the lines of reality to substantiate its ear worm nature—if you didn’t like it at first, I’m sure it has somehow crawled into your brain by now. Finally, Uzi has made good on the one eluding “hit song” criteria for “XO Tour Llif3”: music video.

Shaky POV shots introduce us to the visual, showing us the customary staples of tour life: fans waiting outside of venues, crappy hotel rooms in shady areas, friends passed out in the room surrounded by weed. And then, there’s Lil Uzi who is seen sauntering the streets—almost desensitized to his surroundings; floating through reality with his toes scraping the surface. Demonic images of dead bodies, blood pools, and other eccentric imagery connect the narrative, potentially representing Uzi’s inner feelings of death plausibly resulting from the excessive tour life. Additional accents, like a Weeknd cameo and Sanskrit subtitles, tie up the video’s loose ends, making a visual fit for a hit.

If you haven’t yet, stream Uzi’s Luv is Rage 2, and watch the “XO Tour Llif3” video below: