Lil Uzi Vert Flees His Nardwuar Interview

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“Yo, I can’t do this. He knows too much.”

Canadian interviewer Nardwuar is known for being perhaps the industry’s most enigmatic media personality. This eccentricity enables him to approach interviews in a completely innovative manner–mainly by making his guests equally impressed and uncomfortable by how much he knows about their lives–which creates both entertaining, albeit slightly discomforting, content. The most recent subject of this unconventional interrogation, Lil Uzi Vert, didn’t quite know how to handle this acute spotlight, forcing him to refer to a baseline desire: flee the scene.

It was all business as usual at the onset of the Nardwuar x Uzi interview: Nardwuar, dressed in his staple head-to-toe flannel ensemble, which Uzi described as “fire”, gifted Uzi with a deeply personal gift of a GG Allin doll–the second one that Nardwuar has given Uzi. Following the season of giving, Nardwuar began performing his iconic deep-dive into his guest’s background through penetrating questions that force one to question the interviewer’s information source.

After relentlessly asking Nardwuar about the legality of ecstasy in Canada, due to a fan giving some to Uzi during a show, the industry’s most original interviewer gave Uzi another gift of a Rob Zombie movie poster. The notion of appreciation was superseded by paranoia as Uzi quite literally couldn’t believe how Nardwuar knew to give him this present when he said, “I’m glad I’m a good guy, because if I was under investigation for something I’d be scared right now… how do you know that?” Ignoring Uzi’s worries, Nardwuar went on to simply say, “Guns Garcia”. Quite literally too much for Uzi to handle, he fled the scene in fear for having his personal life and mind probed, following his terse expression of surrenderence, “Yo, I can’t do this. He knows too much.”

Chasing him through the Pacific Colosseum, Nardwuar followed the Luv is Rage rapper to his car, getting him to finally complete Nardwuar’s iconic catchphrase with “Doo doo!”.

Watch the full interview below: