Lil Uzi Vert & Playboi Carti’s “Left, Right” Music Video Gets Unearthed

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Shot three-years ago, director Mezzy has finally unveiled the “Left, Right” video. 

Recorded just ahead of their 2016 “The Left Right Tour”, and before hit collab “*wokeuplikethis”, Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti released somewhat of a hidden gem with “Left, Right”. A strip club anthem, “Left, Right” is a lively instrumental, courtesy of Maaly Raw, DJ Spinz & DJ Don Cannon, that is tailored to Uzi and Carti’s boisterous demeanors–foreshadowing the raucous nights on their joint tour. And while it was released in February ‘16, this song continues to bear new fruit well-passed its original release.

Music video director Mezzy recorded the “Left, Right” visual just ahead of “The Left Right Tour”, but has been keeping it under lock and key since production. For some reason, either to give us a taste of nostalgia or show us a snapshot in time, Mezzy has officially unveiled this video.

Unencumbered by any special effects or overtly-artistic artifices, the “Left, Right” video shows two carefree friends simply having a good time, enjoying each other’s company. Taking place in a presumed California alley, the visual’s lone prop, an i8 BMW, plays centerpiece for Uzi and Carti to rap and dance around as they exchange daps and looks of content, happiness. It’s two guys, unburdened by jadedness, excited and wide-eyed.

With the industry-saddening news of Uzi’s retirement, this retrospective comes at a perfect time to help mend some broken hearts. Perhaps, releasing this video three-years after the fact wasn’t haphazard; maybe it is Mezzy’s way of reminding us of who Uzi was before suffering from artistic heartbreak–before the suits synthesized Uzi’s artistic process into formulaic regurgitation.

In February 2016, Uzi seemed to view music through a quasi-novel lens. Mezzy is here to remind us of what that looks like.

To get a heavy dose of nostalgia, hit play on the “Left, Right” visual below: