Lil’ Wayne Banned from Morgan State University

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By: Rizoh

      Lil’ Wayne (aka Dwayne Michael Carter) may face criminal charges for his recent performance at Morgan State University. The homecoming concert went off-course after someone, allegedly a member of the rapper’s entourage, tossed $20, $10, $5 and $1 bills into the crowd of college students. 

      In a bid to fetch some of the falling notes, three women sustained injuries and another fainted in the rush. Two of the injured women were treated at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The third lady declined medical treatment, according to The Baltimore Sun.

      "We’re evaluating it from a public safety standpoint and a criminal standpoint," Morgan State University Police Chief Adrian Wiggins told the Baltimore Sun. Morgan State University Spokesman Clinton R. Coleman compared the incident to "standing in a crowded movie theater and shouting fire."

      "It is something we regret that he did," Coleman said. "We regret the injuries that were caused. And we’re happy that most of the people in the crowd acted responsibly."

       The event, which also featured Busta Rhymes, was held at the university’s Hill Field House, which holds about 4,000 people. Students paid $25 to $30 to attend the concert.

Lil’ Wayne will not be invited back to the campus, university officials said.


  1. Man this is str8 bullshit…i put it this Lil Wayne himself didnt do and because somebody through money out in the crowd that dont mean they should be punished. if them niggas was hungry enough to actually try to go for the money then to me they can suffer the aftershots. If somebody is throwin out cash and niggas is broke and they want it…they gon go get it…

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