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Shouts out to my boy out west who hooked me up with this video footage of what is alleged to be Lil Wayne and Baby riding through LA and being confronted by some Crips. Cash Money obviously weren’t in the mood to get out and sign any autographs. To watch the video click on read more weezy


  1. wow niggaz really took it 2 da sreets on dat lil nigga and shut da block down son should have cracked dat window and got it popin fuck all dat rap beef ..real talk spida sucks but he keep it g..

  2. Yall niggas are retarded, he only came up there to holla at him,and ask him about the words he spoke,thas all,then when wayne started actin all scairy like a bitch he started treatin him like one,wayne pose to be this big gangsta ass nigga but when the lights are on,all the truth comes out,i woulda stepped out and spoke to the man,because they came up there to defuse the shyt,but…

  3. yea bust the man car up and snatch him out so it can be on youtube and they all go to jail,right,moral of this storie is,real niggas dont hide,niggas just hate to see weezy exposed,niggas walkin around thinknits cool to kiss another man in his mouth and shyt,weezy fukin the game up right now,

  4. First of all niggaz talk alot of shit and half of the bitch made ass nigz won’t do shit. Wayne smart ass hell not getting out the car cuz he in the wrong element. Nigga would have got out and got jumped or some shit cuz niggaz not talking bout no fair fade. Now them niggaz would not have said shit if they was in Lousisana and saw that man. Them niggaz at home on their turf where they can talk all that touch shit and block streets and shit. That was pussy and didn’t look gangsta at all so fuck all them weak ass niggaz flocking all deep and shit. Nigga it would have been gangsta if ya’ll wasn’t so deep. Ya’ll niggaz funny cuz I bet they wouldn’t get out the car in my hood when i’m out there with all my niggaz either so them niggaz didn’t do shit but look like clowns on some real shit. ABN a real asshole by nature like Z-Ro and Trae who will slap the fuck out a pussy one deep.

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