Lil Wayne . v. Snoop

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
      Well it looks like we may have another lyrical fight escalating between …in the West corner…the ultimate P.I.M.P Snoop Dogg and in the Southern corner, the rapper who may hope to pimp like his Daddy but will never pimp better than his new enemy. Snoop calls out Weezy on his new mixtape Evil Empire. This beef is supposed to have been started when Weezy ran his mouth about Snoops Neptune’s produced joint Drop it Like its Hot.
      Someone got beef with Snoop..I think Lil Wayne may have bitten off
more than he can chew here.


  1. on real shit i like both rappers to death but snoop bit off wayne …do yall remember da song wayne put out wit manny fresh matta fact da hot boys wen dey was like drop it likes it hot drop drop it likes it hot ..yea so all yal lniggas sayin bit off snoop come on now??? think people!! and all yall nigags datz dissin wayne get off dat nigga nuts he doin bigga things in da music industy den 98% of dese rappers!! cashmoney-youngmoney!!!

  2. Good for Snoop you what some needs to put that fireman man out! This guy is so commerical Snoop is real and has always kept hiphop breathing. Snoop you noe your wasting your breath on this little nigz. Lil wayne when you gona grow up out your fire pantys opps firepants (hehehe)

  3. are we talking status or a head to head battle??? status snoop wins that by along shot, but i think wayne has the better lyrics and would win a freestyle battle. instead of being bias let us look at the facts.

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