Lil Yachty and Nessley Thumb Through The Green on “Guacamole”

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Produced by Taylor Gang’s TM88.

If there’s one universal truth, it’s that everybody loves money. And nobody’s more familiar with that sentiment than Lil Yachty and Nessley, as they proclaim their monetary love on their latest track, “Guacamole”.

Before even diving into the song, it’s important to note the fantastic cover art: Yachty, Nessley, and the track’s producer, TM88, all in the form of avocados. Right on-brand with Yachty, this humorous anecdote represents his jaunty, uplifting music, which is more than accounted for on this track.

Sounding almost surprised, the two discuss their deep love for money. Everything about it: counting, throwing it up, the sheer volume—everything. Who doesn’t love thumbing through some guacamole?

Listen to “Guacamole” below: