Lil Yachty Hints At ‘Lil Boat 3’ Collaborators

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Lil Boat is working with some big names.

Lil Yachty has matured nicely throughout his young career. Going from one of hip-hop’s most polarizing acts to being a relatively in-demand songwriter, and achieving overall acceptance thanks to his good-natured ways and positive disposition, Yachty has proved that he’s more than a fad — he’s a statement. 

With Quality Control backing him, being featured on their loaded ensemble Control The Streets, Vol. 2 album, and even penning hits like City Girls’ “Act Up,” Yachty has become a trendsetter, intrepidly pioneering his own wave as he navigates the turbulent music industry seas. And throughout defeating the odds he’s picked up some friends along the way.

Yachty is preparing to release his Lil Boat 3 album this October, and in a recent interview with XXL, the “One Night” artist revealed some surprising collaborative names — mainly in an instrumental capacity.

Although he claimed that he hasn’t “really worked with any artists,” he did mention that he’s been cooking-up with producers like Ronny J, Pi’erre Bourne, Alchemist, 9th Wonder, and more. Yes, you read those last two names correctly — Yachty is reportedly working with the legendary Alchemist and 9th Wonder for Lil Boat 3.

From being rejected by hip-hop purists for challenging the status quo to working with Alchemist and 9th Wonder, Yachty certainly has come a long, long way.

Stay tuned for more Lil Boat 3 updates. Check out his full XXL interview here.