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Vice Mag just released a dope interview they did with the original “Lo-Life” crew. During the 80s and 90s the Lo-Life crew who were a fashion-forward folks in the projects of Brooklyn, began obsessing over it and boosting it from stores in mass quantities, creating one of the most incongruous subcultures of the last three decades. Check out there interview and then grab your own piece of Polo obsession with the COA x GoodWood NYC Da Bears Collection. Here at Snapbackkings.

Read the rest at Vice Magazine: LIVING THE LO-LIFE – Viceland Today

What about really rare pieces? Were there certain ones that you couldn’t find anywhere?
There are pieces that are like, mythological.
Meyhem: The Never-Ending Bear.

The Never-Ending Bear?
Well, supposedly there’s a knit out there with a bear rockin’ a knit with himself on it, and he’s rocking a bear, and it just goes on and on forever [laughs]. Guys will swear they have three of those but they never bring it out, never rock it for flicks, but supposedly it’s there.




*the LO-Life Crew* featuring the “Da Bears” collection.