LL Cool J Still Mad at Jay-Z

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By: Rizoh

      LL has been taking shots at Def Jam president Jay-Z for a while now, but he still has a few more bones to pick with Jay regarding his American Gangster album.

      “Shouldn’t there be other Def Jam artsts on the soundtrack? If there are any other artists associated with it, I’m not hearing about ‘em,” LL said in a new MTV interview. “As the president, shouldn’t a lot of people be involved with the project? Shouldn’t this be the big Def Jam project? Yeah, I’ve heard that different people are collaborating, but I’m talking about being out there in front of the project and promoting the project and growing the project.”

      LL also complained about Hov sucking up all the attention while his own album is trying to get on the release schedule. “Now you’ve got LL working on an album for a year and you’ve got the president putting out an album in the middle of that, before your album…when you trying to get on the schedule—and they’re…you know, really look at what’s going on here!”

      Someone please tell Uncle LL that the American Gangster album is not a soundtrack, but a concept album inspired by the movie.


  1. I think LL needs to get over himself and let Jay run his business his way. If he doesn’t like it he needs to take that up with Jay and not the media.

  2. no hit records no hit movies no body buying your clothes still licking you turned the position down then you go trew the media to try and drop a gem on how to run a company why not a phone call or just go up to def jam jay the man let him do his thing

  3. LL needs to cry hjimself a river build a bridge and get over it. He was one of the fiercest MC’s at one time he chose not to go hard anymore and do love ballads and Will Smith type of rapping. LL stick to acting.

  4. for hiphopsince82, i doubt it, first i doubt dat there will be any diss tracks ova him b itchin about his album, and LL doesnt make good diss records, his canibus reply really wasnt all dat hot, a lil late to come at da King

  5. 1st of Jay was hot when he first came out with reasonable Doubt. After that he became a swag jacker(big & Pac) plus no one on def jam besides a selective few are making record sales. LL aint put out out shit since Dear Lover and Bad

  6. keepin it real, i have to kinda agree with LL… its messed up that ur the president and ur not even trying to help the people thats on your lable. not to mention, LL’s been trying to get his album ready for a year now, J throws his albem right in the way of the hype that could have been LL!

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