Lupe On “Lasers”: “I Would Lie If I Said My Heart Was In It…”

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We all know Lupe Fiasco had a turbulent time obtaining a release date for his forthcoming album, Lasers. In this candid interview, Lupe discusses the controversial situation with Atlantic Records, saying that he initially wanted to leave his label due to their unwillingness to comply with the album’s release.  When he requested to leave he was met with all sorts of stipulations that gave Atlantic the rights to Lupe’s entire catalog.


Now that everything is straightened out, Lupe says the surrounding circumstances have left him frustrated, stating, “I would lie if I said my heart was into it one-hundred percent.”  Lupe went on to say this album is controversial, not because of the content, but because of “the heartache that went into creating it.”  He claims that when you hear Lasers you won’t be able to fathom the pain that actually went into making the album.


In the rest of the interview, Lupe touches on Fiasco Friday and the impact it could potentially have on his career and the industry.  The first single from Lasers, “The Show Goes On” dropped a few weeks back.  Hopefully, Lasers lives up to the hype.  It should because as Lupe says, “you can’t knock nine Grammy nominations.”

Lasers drops March 8th 2011