Video: Mack Maine “All In One Swipe” ft Rick Ross & Birdman

12 years ago view-show 942,579

Although there’s no definitive release date for the Young Money credit card, Mack Maine and Baby are wasting no time showing it off.  In the video for Maine’s “All in One Swipe,” the Young Money lackeys and Rick Ross stand around a set of Ferraris while holding up an oversized black card that closely resembles a check given to a PGA tour/Publisher’s Clearing House winner.  Basically this video is a full-fledged ad for the credit card, which will probably never air on TV.  Throughout the video, various models take turns sliding the card through a credit card machine, which is most likely to make payments for Birdman’s jewelery and/or tattoo on cranium.  Of course, Rick Ross fails to endorse the card and instead raps about “selling pies.”  Again, there’s no street date for the Young Money credit card…but nothing says “wealthy” like owning your very own Nicki Minaj Pink Card.