Maino On Police Brutality…

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  1. In a world that causes people to feel the need to carry a gun, violence and brutality is expected even it is unwarranted. You can't carry a gun and be upset when you or a friend is shot. These are things brought upon by ourselves through misguided actions. You may only carry a gun for defense but, the reality is you have malicious intent. In a culture where police are labeled the enemy what more can you expect…these things will happen untill our society as a whole wakes up. Police are not the enemy. Arrogance is the enemy. In the video he states something about a pricey truck and they(being the cops) could never afford this in their lives. This type of statement CREATES the issues he complains against. If you measure your worth as a man by materialistic possessions and discuss the amount of success you have by weighing it against others than you are equally as guilty as the police who enforce brutality instead of justice. True justice is found with love. Peace be upon all people in Jesus name.

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