Maybach Music Group Off To A Weak Start?

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I have alluded to the fact that I think MMG is more of a creation of the music business/hype as opposed to an organic “movement” of music.  More of a conglomerate of tax write offs as opposed to a to a group of rappers who each have their own independent followings.  I mean Ross is a superstar, but I dono if he can carry all these guys on his back.  Either way he got Warner to probably give him a decent check for a big block of hype, and I can’t knock Rosé’s hustle for that.  Even if Warner isn’t in a position to continue to lose again.  Plus it is still too early to completley throw MMG under the bus.  We should probably give them more time to build up some repertoire with one another.  That being said the first two leaks off this Self Made project are sounding a little unimpressive.

Sidebar: Also when is the actual Maybach company going to dead this name?

Meek Mill ft Rick Ross “Tupac Back”

Wale ft Rick Ross & Jadakiss “600 Benz”



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