Meek Mill Announces New Album Release Date

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The successor to his successful 2017 album, Wins & Losses.

Meek Mill’s last album title, Wins & Losses, is not only an apt description for the man that suffered a 2016 L to Drake, only to bounce-back triumphantly, it’s appropriate for life at large: This good and bad duality seeps into every conceivable facet of life, and it takes a special kind of resolve to convert that pain into beauty, to appreciate the lessons taken from losses. Meek belongs in this special cluster of individuals.

A couple of years removed from a career setback, Meek’s brand is stronger than ever. He’s not only patched things up with former foe Drake, he’s delivered impressive features (like the assist on Tory Lanez’s “Drip Drip Drip”), and his wide-eyes have expanded to encapsulate broader horizons. For Meek, the pastures keep getting greener with age.

Announcing that his forthcoming album would be dropping “sometime this month” a little while back, Meek doubled-down on this proclamation in an interview with Vogue today, November 14th, where he announced this project’s release date: November 30th.

The successor to the aforementioned Wins & Losses, Meek’s anticipated follow-up–who’s album title has yet to be revealed–will continue to dissect just who Meek is and what his aspirations are. The Dream Chasers artist has been dream chasing since a child, and his drive to reach the top hasn’t lost steam–it’s gradually continued to push the throttle closer and closer to the floor.

In the the Vogue interview, which was released today, Meek informed them, “I’ve been writing myself since I was probably, what, eight-years-old … I’ve been doing this a long time, so [there’s] always pressure to better.”

On November 30th, we’ll see if that pressure will continue to produce diamonds.