Meek Mill Suing The City Of Philadelphia

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Maybe there isn’t so much brotherly love in the city of Philadelphia, as Meek Mill can attest to.

According to TMZ the rapper is taking his home city to court, claiming that an unnecessary 2012 arrest cost him a multi-million dollar shoe deal with Puma.

According to the lawsuit, Meek claims his Halloween 2012 arrest was total BS because even though cops claimed they smelled pot in his car … they ultimately came up with zilch. Meek says he was cuffed for refusing to let cops search — and he ended up missing a private jet flight to Atlanta.

Meek claims he lost $22k on the cancelled jet and a $39K appearance fee for the A-Town party he missed.

In the docs, he also claims he took a hit in negotiating a $2 million deal with Puma because all the negative pub from the arrest … forced him to settle for a mere $650K.

Meek is suing the city of Philly for false imprisonment, invasion of privacy … and most importantly (we suspect) to get back some of that lost dough.

While it’s unclear whether the pot arrest was warranted or not, suing your hometown is never a good look. Maybe Meek should seek some better legal counsel. It’s only Puma we’re talking about here.