Megan Rochell: The One You All Need

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By Kevin L. Clark



For twenty-year old, Megan Rochell, music has always been her calling. At age seven, the blossoming songbird first soloed as part of the choir at the Christ Fellowship Baptist Church. The Brooklyn native has been doing God’s work since that fateful day, having competed at the legendary Apollo Theater, winning five times in a row.


Megan Rochell continued to reach for the brass ring by moving from Brooklyn to Philadelphia, where she was blessed with a series of chance encounters. Divine direction led her into the company of Nathan Morris (yes, that  Nathan Morris from Boyz II Men) and signing to his Adlib Entertainment management company.


It was only just a matter of time before she met R&B Kingpin, L.A. Reid in his Def Jam office. The end result – “You, Me, & the Radio” — a soulful collection of songs with production from Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, the Cornerboys, Stargate, and a featured appearance by new Def Jam signee — Fabolous.


Ms. Megan Rochell sits down with as she lets the fans know intimately about her sense of humor, why she would win in a competition at the Apollo, and how MySpace allows her to stay in touch with her adoring and growing list of fans and friends, alike.


HHC: For being a relatively new artist, what has been the most trying experience?


MR: One of the most trying things is waking up super early and having to do so many things and not having enough time in the day to finish them. It’s so hectic. But, if you want people to know that you’re serious about your craft then you have to do it. I go through that everyday. It’s tiring.


HHC: “The One U Need” is picking up some steam, being added to thirty-eight radio stations – what made you want to go with this song as the first single instead of something like, “Betcha”…?


MR: Oh… you heard “Betcha”!!! Well, we picked it because it’s a real aggressive and competitive record. I know that there are a lot of girls out there who are playing the rebound chick. “The One U Need” lets them say that they can be the one that that man needs. That’s what I represent. I want all the young girls or whoever else is going through that to understand where I’m coming from and identify with me.


HHC: If there was something that not too many people knew about your personality – what would it be and do you think that it is helpful or hurtful to your career?


MR: The one thing that not too many people know is that I am funny, I can be a character. I think that that can be very beneficial to my career. I am the type to just bust out a joke in the middle of a conversation. I can talk to anyone, whether they’re a stranger or someone I’ve known forever. Besides… everyone likes to laugh. I think that that’s the strongest quality that I have.


HHC: You’re twenty, aren’t you? Are you single?


MR: Yeah, I am single. [laughs]


HHC: On your Myspace page, it says that you sound like Christina Milian, Ashanti, Teairra Mari, Cheri Dennis and others. What sets you apart from those other young R&B starlets?


MR: What sets me apart from all those girls is my personality and my music. It’s the way that I am around people who I don’t even know. I have a good heart. People respect people who give off a good aura. My music is definitely a separation because I think that all of the music that’s out there is not the entire definition of what music is. It’s like, when you hear a first single you get into it, then there nothing to keep you going for the rest of the album. With “You, Me & The Radio”, I am hoping to pull in and captivate the listener.


HHC: So, if you all were to compete at the Apollo – who would win?


MR:Me! Hands down. Because I’m more of an entertainer, I’m not just a singer. I like the crowd to feel what I feel. I would definitely take the title home of being the winner.


HHC: Do you regularly log onto MySpace? If so, why?


MR: I try to log on as much as possible, but I do go on and let people know that I see you. I know that people, the fans, want to be a part of the movement and I appreciate that greatly.


HHC: So, if I add you to my friend list, we can get better acquainted? [laughs]


MR: Oh, yeah! Definitely… for sure! [laughs]


HHC: You’re a part of Nathan Morris’ (of Boyz II Men fame) management company, “Adlib Entertainment, correct? How did that first meeting with L.A. Reid go in the Def Jam office?


MR:I was nervous. Nervous! I was scared, anxious, all of those things. When I finally got to meet him, I closed my eyes and got into my zone. Once I got into my zone, I just sang what was in my heart. After he heard me sing, he said that I was what he was looking for. It kind of surprised him. But he loved what he heard. After that, he wanted me to be a part of Def Jam, which is where I’m at now.


HHC: It appears to be hard to keep a long-lasting R&B career as fans attention spans cater to whatever it relatively “new.” What do you think will be the key to your success and longevity?


MR: Oh, yeah, I hear you on that. The key is to keep making hot albums. Not just singles… albums. Because you want people to notice your growth. The growth can only get better as an artist can, especially while being a young one. I feel that all the other ventures that I want to get into, such as acting, having my own management company, and starting my own label – music is the key for it. In my own way, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be here for awhile.


HHC: You were on tour with Chris Brown – how did that go for you? What is one thing that you’ve learned by being on tour with Mr. Personality?


MR: That was hot. I loved it. It was hard work, but it was fun, too. I got to meet Chris Brown and saw how bubbly he is in person. It was wonderful to do the shows and perform. His music is crazy. It was an honor to be in front of a sold out crowd every night. Out of the whole tour, I would say that I learned how to react to my audience under a heated situation. I’ve had situations where one of my dancer’s shoes fell off on stage and my music even got messed up. I just learned that you got to be a fighter. No matter what comes your way, you’ll be able to get through it and stay calm.


HHC: What is one drastic thing, if any, that has changed since getting into the music business?


MR: Honestly, I can’t say anything right now that has changed drastically.


HHC: Last question, when is the album supposed to drop?


The album dropped on August 22nd. There’s only one feature which is Fabolous. I have production from Rodney Jerkins, the Cornerboys, the Underdogs and Stargate. Ne-Yo wrote a joint for the album that is really, really good. I hope that once it comes out everyone enjoys it and supports the Megan Rochell movement.


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