Mercedes More Than Likely Let Kanye & Jay-Z Hold That Maybach So They Could Chop It Up

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So it’s looking like Jay-Z & Kanye West’s collective Illuminati was in cahoots with The Mercedes Illuminati.  Makes sense.  Def Jam isn’t exactly in a position to be just throwing a $400,000 car for a music video.  Even if that video is foo Jay-Z & Kanye West.  According to The Wall Street Journal:

Typically the idea of taking cutting torches grinding discs and reciprocating saws to a car that costs close to $400,000 would be sacrilege. But for the Maybach, which has never lived up to the hype surrounding its launch for the 2004 model year, the high-profile exposure could only help.

It isn’t clear how deeply Mercedes was involved in the video’s production, but company spokesmen suggested the video’s producers worked with officials in the company’s German headquarters. West and Jay-Z could not be reached for comment.

The video includes a statement that the car will be auctioned and the proceeds “will be donated towards the East African drought disaster.” It will be interesting to see whether the car’s modifications and new-found hip-hop notoriety will add to its value.