Method Man & Redman Go In On The Nas/Kelis Child Support Situation (Video)

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I co-sign everything they say.  I mean they over do it a little, but you have to sympathize with their points.  Some of these ladies are getting away with murder.  There is no way Kelis needs 50k a month to take care of a kid.




  1. really now — 50k??? — she dont need all dat she aint even gon use all dat on tha baby she gon use it fa her ,, 2g’s is goin ta tha baby && tha rest is gon be hers — as a female myself i have too she ODin on dat shyt she slippin Nas need ta take her ass bac ta court ..i have ta agree wit tha fellas on dis — females is dirty mor than 75% of the time && dats bull shyt how she givin us females an even hella bad name by makin him pay dat shyt — but all i gotta say Fuck Dat Shyt,, Kelis dirty fa dat shyt

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