Migos Share First Preview of “Ice Tray” Video

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“Do it look like I was left off ‘Bad and Boujee’?”

Joe Budden has ironically become a subject of hate in the hip-hop world. Known for his unfiltered, callous opinions regarding hip-hop’s new wave, and his overall general disdain for the youth, Joe has become synonymous with the word “hater”.

Earlier this year, him and the rest of the “Everyday Struggle” cohorts were immortalized in the meme world when they conducted arguably the most awkward interview with the Migos, leading to an almost physical altercation between the Atlanta trio and Joe. Unhappy with his consistently negative perspective towards their and their peers’ music, Migos decided to use their enormous platform to shine the spotlight on Joe’s shortcomings.

Migos’ label, Quality Control, is home to some of today’s hottest talent, including Lil Yachty—another receiver of Budden’s vocal hate cannon. The group cemented their stronghold this past Friday with the release of their first collaborate album, Quality Control: Control The Streets Volume 1, whose lead single, “Ice Tray”, takes specific aim at Joe Budden, saying, “If a n***a hatin’ call him Joe Budden.” To make matters worse for the “Everyday Struggle” corespondent, QC is set to release an “Ice Tray” music video directly slandering Joe by casting a look-alike for what one can only assume to be blasphemous use. Look-alikes for DJ Akademics and Nadeska were also casted.

Respectably, Joe is trying to roll with the punches to the best of his ability. He posted a photo to his IG of the three look-alikes saying that the fake Nadeska was “lowkey hot”. Regardless, it will certainly be a subpar day for Joe when the “Ice Tray” video drops. Maybe he’ll curtail his journalistic point of view? Maybe not. Only time will tell.

Check out the promo “Ice Tray” picture of Joe below:

Control The Streets Vol. 1 Official Single 🔥 #IceTray

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