Mister Cee Resigns From Hot 97

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Amidst two years of controversy regarding his sexuality and allegations of soliciting prostitutes, Mister Cee has finally resigned from his post at Hot 97.

Cee’s official resignation follows the latest report of him being video-taped driving in a car with a cross-dressing prostitute.

Over Biggie’s classic “Hypnotize” instrumental, Cee issued the following statement on-air:

“Today is my last day on Hot 97. Mister Cee, I’m resigning today. It is not a mystery that the past two years I’ve been through a lot and I’ve tried to deal with it the best way that I could deal with it and Hot 97 has tried to deal with it the best way they’ve had to deal with it. But when you’re dealing with corporate America and you’re dealing with a station you love as much as this station, I don’t want to put this station through more than what they’ve been through I’ve been thinking of this for a long long time.

I’ve been thinking about this day for a long time, I never want to be in a situation where I get pushed out anywhere. I’ve been at this station for 20 years since 1993 and if I’m gonna go out let me go out with me saying I’m gonna go out. Allow me to have that and so the station is allowing me to have that today and I appreciate that.”

Wishing Cee the best and that he hopefully gets his addiction under control and his legal troubles in order.