Mobb Deep’s Prodigy Seeks Greener Pasture Outside G-Unit

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By: Rizoh
      After an embarrassing outing with their first G-Unit album, it appears that Mobb Deep will not be witnessing any generous budget plans from Curtis "Billion Dollar" Jackson (as Prodigy calls him). Prodigy, one half of the New York duo Mobb Deep, is now set to drop two albums this year, none of them on G-Unit Records.
      The first, Return of the Mac, finds P teaming up with The Alchemist throughout the LP. It’s slated for release on March 27th.
      "Alchemist and I put this CD together to get people ready for my new solo album ‘H.N.I.C.2.," Prodigy said in a statement. " I’m ’bout to turn it up hot with ‘H.N.I.C.2.’ I decided to ride with Koch Records cause I got a lot of sh*t to do and say, and I know Koch won’t hold me back or censor my sh*t plus the entire company will push the CDs to the maximum because they truly love and respect my music. We’re all very excited about the whole thing."
     Here’s the tentative tracklist for Return of the Mac
1.    Intro                      8.   Intermission
2.    Return of the Mac          9.   7th Heaven
3.    Mac 10 Handles            10.   Bang On Em
4.    Raining Guns and Shanks   11.   Nickel and a Nail
5.    The Rotten Apple          12.   Legends
6.    Words From Majesty        13.   Stop Fronting
7.    Take It From The Top      14.   Stuck On You


  1. yeah they should b embarrass with that terrible album they should have known they could come better then that, i just hope they come with that real shit no faking this time out im still your fan

  2. LOL! thats what u get prodigy! fag ass nigga, i used to like ya’ll, then u sold out NOW LOOK AT U!, i remember on a mixtape this nigga said “50 cent saved me not jesus christ….” u can’t be serious….all i gotta for u is one word “karma”

  3. yo it da M.O.B.B! (LOL) nah just playin bra but ay man like oh boy said before man dis time no playin aorund on ya shyt cause i know me as a fan of da infamous mobb i wanna hear dat real shyt from you and havoc as well. oh yea and rememba it aint no such thing as half way crooks!!! ~1~

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