Model Chick: Amanda Rivera (Pics/Vid)

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The Model Chick of the week is Amanda Rivera. This Puerto Rican beauty is a model and dancer, as in choreographed, skilled dancing. Shes even in a dance crew called DysFUNKtional Solez. My first impression of Amanda was that she may be a shy chick, but when she came out in that pink and black lingerie I knew she would do her thing.

Peep the pics from the shoot and don’t miss the video below to see  me chop it up with her and show off her dancing moves . Don’t forget to leave some love in the comment section.(if the ad audio on the side gets in the way you can mute it!)








  1. she fine af… and she wanna drive lets get it wifey
    is it me or is mike hat bent weird? no disrespect shit wuz buggin me though lol

  2. And ma, ain't no shame in my game, all pride aside, you can take me out anytime. Takes the pressure off of me. Get @ me. Oh, BTW, beautiful, talented, and well-mannered. Dime

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