Nas Owes Over $3 Million To IRS

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It seems like Nas can’t catch a break these days. Between his crazy wife and now the government he’s up to his eyes in legal troubles.

The IRS is claiming that Nas now owes them over $3 million is back taxes. Back in October, Nas owed close to $2.5 million for failing to pay in 2006 and 2007 and that number has now amounted to $3,365,671.26.

He was also recently held in contempt for unpaid child support and has a hearing next month. If found guilty, there is a possibility that Nas will face jail time.

Maybe all this is why there’s been no Distant Relatives yet and late verses…


  1. Damn, nas is fuckin up!

    what he needs to do is stop ducking his bills and start pullin some more studio sessions.

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