Need a Job? Waka Flocka Flame Is Paying $50,000 for a Personal Blunt Roller

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Can’t pay your bills? Rent due? Late on your child support? Need money for the new iPhone 6? Don’t fret, Waka Flocka has you covered. If you can roll blunts.

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Good news: if you are good at rolling blunts then you’ve potentially inched yourself closer to a 50k a year job! Waka Flocka took to his Instagram to inquire a job offering to anyone who can roll blunts for him. It may sound too good to be true but Waka writes “IM PAYING 50k A YEAR FOR A BLUNT ROLLER…. HASHTAG #ICANROLL”. To reassure those curious about the job this isn’t a scam, he extended the offer to those following him on Twitter, writing “All resumes must be sent on a rolling paper or blunts #seriousinquiriesonly #Gpen”.

Think you got what it takes? We suggest you start practicing!

Source: Complex