NFL Game Of The Week: New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints

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eliThis Sunday, there’s no question which game has the most on the line.  While Ravens at Vikings is a great match up, all eyes will be watching one of the best games on the 2009 NFL schedule, pitting the undefeated New York Giants against the undefeated New Orleans Saints.  The game features the quarterbacks with the second (Eli Manning) and third (Drew Brees) best quarterback ratings in the league (Peyton Manning is #1); it features teams that both have a top five offense (Giants have the number two offense, the Saints are at number three); it features two defenses in the top 6 (Giants are number one, Saints are number six).  The list could go on too.  Whatever team you support in the NFL, there is no arguing that this match up will be an exciting slugfest filled with efficient passing, gritty defense, and exciting, big plays on both sides of the ball.  This is a dream NFL event, and could serve as a preview for the NFC Championship game, considering these two teams are so dominant.  The Saints have been unstoppable at The Superdome, but the Giants could be the cure for that.  The Giants have been ferocious and overwhelming the past few weeks, but we could see that all go away with one of Drew Brees‘ patented bombs down the field.  We’ll see this weekend at 1:00 PM on Fox, in what can only be described as “a can’t miss game.”