Nick and Mariah Out On The Town

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      The newlyweds made their first public appearance together last night outside the Waverly Inn in New York City.



  1. ahh listen to the haters hate…its a shame we just cant see two people happy together….well kudos to you guys I think its great that yall are happily married…

  2. Good on the couple… for now at least. I’m wondering what their marriage will look like a few years from now, if it’ll last that long. Nick is still young — he’ll have to play the Ashton Kutcher card if he wants to remain wild and still carry out marriage with a much-older woman.

    It would not come off as a shocker to me if they file for a divorce down the road.

  3. You never know what goes on behind closed doors. That nigga is not wild in the home like he is on TV. That’s entertainment yall. Nan one one of us lay down with either one, so nobody really knows. Let them be married.

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