Nicki Minaj Crosses Borders With Britney Spears

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Crossing musical genres (and state lines), Nicki Minaj signs up to be the opening act for Britney Spears’ US tour. Even though a lot of us may be tired of Britney’s constant effort to claim the top spot in mainstream music (Give it up, Brit!), Nicki can definitely bring more people into the stadiums.

According to TMZ, the deal was signed about a week ago and Britney was truly relieved. Before Nicki and Brit came into an agreement, Britney was considering Enrique Iglesias, but “[he] dropped out of the upcoming Britney Spears concert tour because his ego couldn’t handle being her opening act” Enrique would have been more content being the co-headliner.

All in all, Nicki is definitely a better choice. Who really wants to see Enrique post his creepy birthmark? Nicki with all of her lap dances and sex toys can put on a better show. Good choice, Britney.