No Breaks For Foxy Brown, Warrant Issued

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      It just seems like Foxy Brown doesn’t really care about the law. Fox Boogie was supposed to be in court this week to face charges stemming from a scuffle at a beauty supply store in Florida. The judge presiding over the case issued a warrant for Foxy’s arrest.

      Last month, Brown was apparently in a beauty supply store bathroom applying make-up when a store employee informed her that the store was closed and that she had to leave. She refused to leave, spit on the employee and threw hair glue at him while he was calling 911. When police arrived, she struggled with the officer. The next day she posted a $1,500 and was released.

      When she returned to New York, she was in court again because she violated her probation by being in Florida. The judge gave her once more chance not to screw up, which is possibly why she missed the Florida court date.


  1. When Jay signed her up I was ready n hoping for an album but this bitch has been a fucking bum. Point blank Foxy’s washed up and needs to get her weak ass whipped on again by Jackie-O because nasty bitch who has the nerve to spit on anyone needs an world class ass whipping!!

  2. Funny how Foxy really wants to be like LiL Kim. She wants to go to jail so bad. Work on ur album Bum. Give us a good album instead of this shit and all that losing your hearing shit.

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