No Half ‘Dubbin’ Here

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Reggae is seeped in all cultures so it should be of  no surprise that France has a home grown Reggae scene. When I’ve mentioned French Reggae in the past- people’s ears perked up –   “There’s Reggae from France”- Why yes!

One group in particular is building a lot of steam now with their fourth project ‘Afrikya‘ – 7 piece very dynamic stage presence and incredible to witness live.  Dub Inc is the name of the group. Formed in St. Etienne and has been touring the festival circuit for many years!  The sound is an amalgam of influences from N.African to Hip Hop. A couple of the members are Algerian and Benin. So with that- the band’s 2 lead vocalists have very distinct styles. One sings in Raga tone while the other uses a more ‘far eastern’ style.  Makes for a very refreshing and unique style that’s both Universal and moving!

Here’s one of the songs from most recent album ‘Afrikya’ called “Day by Day”.  Free Download- Enjoy!

Dub is gearing up for its American debut and will bring this Reggae style to NY- June 16-24th for 6 dates.  To get a taste of what’s in store- check this live video clip from one of the festivals!

After NY Dub plays a big festival in Portugal and then on to Columbia for Rock Al Parque.

So get your Dub Inc on!