N.O.R.E. Accuses Prodigy Of Not Being Ghetto…

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Shots fired literally and figuratively.

My whole thing with the Prodigy book was like you beating up somebody, and then 10 years later the person brags about, you know what I mean, the part where his people did jump me, they jumped me…because I shot somebody. Then after they jumped me. I shot them again. So how could you describe this situation like you won? So that was my only problem with it because at the end of the day Prodigy didn’t lie he exaggerated. Lying is ‘Yo, I was at The Breakfast Club show [and] I killed the show.’ And I never came up here. At the end of the day, and I mean no disrespect to him, it’s like you ever see these kids from Long Island and they really don’t know the ghetto? But they come to the ghetto and they feel like they’re so much a part of the ghetto. So they see the ghetto [and] they actually love it. When you from the ghetto you don’t love it. You don’t even like it. So that’s what I think. I think he was hype, gassed on his self, and at the time he wrote it we weren’t gonna be friends.




  1. fuck NORE fucking faggit…i use to have love for the nicca….don't play Strong Island Nicca cause u got beef wit that dude. unless u can beat every dude from L.I  like u the hardess nicca on the planet. no we not the city but u talk that fuck shit on the island u'll gett violated just like anyone else….that why new york falling off now cause its like a civil war every body beefin internally. if you real you real. i was born and raise on Long island nigga i refuse to let anyone play me no matter where you from. like a queen nicca is exempt from an azz woopin. some bulshit i got so much love for New york, New York, but fuck a nigga who try to play LI as a whole like yah better than us. you can get jumped out there too…and we shoot back out there too…there are bitch made niggas and real niggas in every community. so stop acting like you don't know any bitch pussy niggas born in raised in queens faggot

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