NYC Awaits Grand Jury on Sean Bell Shooting

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By: Rizoh

      Will the five officers involved in the Sean Bell shooting be indicted? Only time will tell.  New York city is on standby in anticipation of a decision by a grand jury that was trying to decide whether to indict five officers who unleashed the 50-shot barrage that killed an unarmed Sean Bell on his wedding day.

      All five officers involved in the shooting were called on to stand before the grand jury last week.

      Detective Paul Headley, who fired one round, and Officer Michael Carey, who let off three, testified first. Officer Marc Cooper fired four shots, and he was followed to the stand by Officer Gescard Isnora, who fired 11 shots. Michael Oliver, who reloaded and fired 31 shots, was the last one to testify.

      Bell’s killing prompted questions about police tactics and ignited protests by civil rights activists.

      The Rev. Al Sharpton, who has been acting as a spokesman for Bell‘s family, said that "certain levels of protests and visible actions" might arise if there were no indictments, but he said he expected those protests to be carried out in a peaceful manner.



  1. Its really sad when a black man has to pay the price 4 doing nothing wrong. The cops will get off on this one like they got away with beating Rodney King or the millions of other bullshit they do. Fuck The Police

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