NYC Rap Music That Isn’t Boring?

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I’ve been pretty adamant about NYC Hip-Hop being kind of boring as of late.  On of the bright spots has been the rap duo that is Das Racist.  These guys are definitely on the “hipster” scene, but you can’t be mad at them.  Plus this music is a little hyper intelligent, while being utterly retarded at the same time.  I think that’s awesome.  This video is phenomenal, although you kind of have to be from NYC to get some of the social commentary.  That being said I think everyone can appreciate the concept of the video.  It can’t be argued that these guys aren’t original.  Be sure to check out their Shut Up, Dude mixtape, and if you want more of a look into the type of people they are, scope their “interview” with Dallas Penn.  Finally check out the preview of their upcoming mixtape Sit Down Man.

Play The Who’s That?  Brooown! Video Game

Das Racist “Who’s That?  Brooown!”