Odd Future Has Diddy “Desperate” And Other Label Execs Battling

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So apparently, the future for Odd Futures is up for grabs. In fact, this hip hop has grabbed the attention of Jay-Z, Diddy, Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine and SRC Records’ Steve Rifkind.

The superband has so many choices but who will be bring them to the top? The anti-establishment band who seems to be attracted to beef (with B.O.B. and Kanye West, just to name a couple) now has a BIG decision to make.

Tyler, The Creator, seems to be letting all this attention get to his head as he is requiring all of his possible business partners to meet with them at Randy’s Donuts. Pretty much he’s definitely making everyone go through the ropes. According to Page Six, he said, “If you are serious about the meeting, I want Randy’s Donuts, swivel chairs and a megaphone.”

Diddy is seriously “desperate to sign the group to prove that he’s onto something hot.” Possibly because he’s not necessarily making any money from his own artists. He is willing to work with the band despite the crazy demands. However association with Diddy has it perks; Tyler wanted to meet Justin Bieber. A rep for Odd Future had confirmed, “Tyler did meet with Justin, and Diddy helped make it happen.”

However when it comes to Jay, MellowHype seems to be seriously starstruck after their first encounter at SXSW. “It was hard for me to look at Jay-Z for 10 minutes. Like, real sh–, this is the godfather of music,” MellowHype’s Hodgy Beats told MTV News. “I just shook his hand in his house. Honestly, it made me want to work harder. Jay-Z is amazing.