Oh No He Didn’t

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By Hot Gossip Gal

The so called ‘spiritual advisor’ to Hip-Hop celebs, the Bishop Don Magic Juan came out to pay his respects to Pimp C but in all honesty made the mans funeral into more of a Hoes and Pimps party. Not only did he turn up late but he strutted in with a shit load of barley clothed girls rocking his crown and pimp cup…BOOOOO to BDMJ ….. RIP Pimp C


  1. Damn I just held a conversation with a few friends about how celebs came to R.I.P Pimp C’s funeral. One of the main venom I spewed was about Don showing up in his clown pussy pusher suit could he had and the other celebrity people who attended the services been in more respectful clothing. Why in the fucking world would you show up there with chains hanging, jeans drooping, and a fucking pimp cup Don have you lost your fucking mind pimping! P.S. this is not aimed at the fans out there who truly loved pimp c not even the fanwhores who showed up just for an autograph but those idiots who got that $ to afford a fucking suit. Damn show his moms some respect people especially Don. Although Don might of been honoring Pimp C’s name by showing up in his ugly ass pimp attire but dog have some respect for his moms who leaving and breathing mourning her son who left this world to young rest in peace Chad Butler a great entertainer, a husband, a farther, and a son.

  2. Lord Sha..you hit it right on the head…nothing but disrespectful…there is a time and a place to tone it down and I believe this was one of those times..what got me was the fact that he had the audacity to turn up late and parade all these chicks about half naked as if it was some industry jump off..it wasn’t and at the end of the day like you say if he didnt have respect for the circumstances, a funeral, then have respect for the dead and those he left behind …like i said BOOOOO to BDMJ

  3. I’m not the biggest pimp c fan, but if he could spoke on it i dont think he would’ve had a problem with it. Niggas came out to bid farewell, and thats what they did. R.I.P. Pimp C

  4. pimp is a pimp they die all the time with hoes and all be burried in caddy caskets pimp are over the top its no direpect his mama was alive and he called himself pimp think about it how can a PIMP have a regular funeral. GO TO THE HOOD FUNERALS AND DUDES BE PUTTING WEED AND BULLETS IN CASKETS YOU BARELY HEAR ANYONE TALK ABOUT THAT.

  5. I think you all have a point. A funeral is a funeral though. There is a time to be industry and live up to that shit and there is a time to just chill…pimp or not. Damn….black pepople make themselves look so fuckin bad all the time and they wonder why they get treated the way they do. NIGGAS man. How will our kids grow seeing people look and act this way……

  6. I really don’t understand why we still live in a society where a black man especially of his age is accepted and even praised…. We gotta grow the fuck up someday!!!
    Then we wonder why the youth is so bad… just look at the examples the media feeds us everyday.

  7. man if only niggas knew the real on that snitch nigga bishop they would know hes the real bitch from that real nigga from the chi

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Oh no he didn’t

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By:Hot Gossip Gal

I kept telling everyone, it was only a matter of time before Shawn

Cater came back to hit The Diplomats where it hurts. He sat back and let Cam have his fun when it was time to release his album, now with Kingdon Come hitting shelves on Tuesday Jay launches his attack. Hip-HopCrack brings you the lyrics to his diss at Jimmy Jones CEO of Harlem‘s Diplomats.

Do we need to say anything else? Me thinks not. But when I come backon Monday I am sure their will be a response as Jimmy had this to say "To get Jay-Z to bite the bullet was a hell of a chess game, ’cause he thinks he’s always playin’ chess. So right now, [I got a] check for his ass, ’cause he sold for the bait."








 Brooklyn High

You a lil’ punk ass buck..(laughs)
That’s it *****?…That’s "Ballin’"?…(laughs)…Aiight
I guess men lie, women lie, numbers don’t…It’s over for that "Ballin"
It’s my turn now…BROOKLYN!!!!!
Let the games begin!
Its my turn now!
We fly high,(Uh Huh) No Lie ,You know this (BROOKLYN!)
Foreign rides, outside, its like showbiz (Its My turn!)
We stay fly, No Lie (Ya playin pitty pat with a chess playa!),You know
this (BROOKLYN!)
Hips and Thighs,(Laughs) Oh my, Stay focus
(Verse 1)
Brooklyn get paper, tote big thangs
We chase *****s around, they own ball game (Rucker)
Ball game *****! Its over for you lames
Give me back the chain, its over for you DAMEs
**** ya’ll broads.. didn’t they ever tell you don’t **** wit’ a mans family?
**** wit ya’lls? You’ll kidnap mines?…
***** I will click-clack…
Push ya wig back, further than Tyra Banks hairline
Ya bank vs. mines.. if you ballin’..
***** what I’m doing CAN’T be defined…
The Jones’ can’t keep up..
Maybe my ***** Nas…
But I got stronger after Ether…
(Verse 2)
BedStuy…. Brownsville.. C.I.
The best in the game, since Daddy Kane.. and B.I.
My turn.. we live
Money to burn *****.. we on fire
G5’er.. Ace of Spade…
Make it real easy.. to book ya babe
I’m runnin’ to Boston on these *****s
I’m watchin’ ya soundscan you keep reniggin’…
I’m trunk-tight, I’m Trump like
I’m on my way to a billi’.. I play my cards.. NICE!
*****s like Hov’, you sound too rich..
I’m like "Oh, ain’t that about a *****"
Ain’t that what we here for?
Therefore I sound like I’m supposed to sound…
Meet me at the clearport…
I’m ballin’ fa’real.. YOU pump fakin’ it!
Manahattan keep on makin’ it..
Brooklyn keep on takin’ it…
Yeahh! Shoutout to all my real *****s in Harlem…145th & all that…
All the Dominicans, OG Juan, Lower Eastside True Life…
This ain’t about boroughs, this is about *****s & *****es…
It’s gametime…(Laughs)
It’s my turn….Let the games begin…


  1. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…..Jimmy Jones is my nigga…nah 4real he’s MY NIGGA!!! But Hov is the best ever…why fuck with Jordan?! I guess 2 be the best, u gotta go at the best….another career on PAUSE no replay lol


  3. really jay dont have to come at these niggas that hard because who the fuck is jim jones where the fuck he come from do he have any street cred nope.this nigga showed up from no where like did with that horse and carriage shit motherfuckers like anything long as it have a decent beat to dance to none of this shit niggas puttin out is worth listing to except a couple of people YALL NGGAS GO DO SOME RESEARCH ON RAP THEN RAP WITH THIS CORNY SHIT EVERYONE RAPPIN BOUT WHAT U GOT SO WHAT U CAN GET CLAPPED AT FOR ALL THAT SHIT

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