Own An Island For 9 Million

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Price: $8.95 million

The Property: The Wakaya Island is one of the many small stretches of land in the South Pacific Ocean, that join together to form the island nation Of Fiji. Due to the tranquil surroundings and location in the resource-rich lap of nature, it becomes the ideal place to be in order to soak oneself in the beauties of nature and get the life much-needed refreshment. Amongst these islands, lies the Wakaya Island on which the Rai Ki Wai Estate is based. This sprawling and exclusive residential haven is now up for sale with a price tag of $8.95 million.

Included in the property would be the 20,000 sq ft of living space along with accommodation in 7 suites and 9 bathrooms, the estate also has the 200 degree view of the Pacific with its turquoise and green waters. The estate’s notable features include the polished wooden furniture and décor, tennis court, volleyball court, and helipad to name a few. It is also a self sufficient resort place.