Project Utopia Island Yacht

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To be built more as a place-to-be and as an object-to-travel in, the project Utopia Island yacht is aimed at breaking all traditions of architecture and exclusivity known to us. Measuring 100 meters in length and breadth, the island yacht stands at central unit on 4 legs, with 11 primary decks and an extra floor on top meant for being an observatory offering a 360-degree view of the natural beauty outside. Each of these 11 decks is meant for specific purposes, but is primarily for the accommodation of guests on board. The ‘12th floor’ actually has the artificial beach area with an open air design and a retractable canopy, which can be used as per preference. A large central unit located in between these 4 legs act as the port for boats or tenders to arrive and also help in cutting through water when in motion. Inside this unit is where all the beauty of the island yacht begins to unfold.

The current pioneer of this idea is the Utopia Island yacht created by BMT Nigel Gee & Yacht Island Design of the UK. Via: Charter World