Papa Knowles Weighs in on Ne-Yo/Beyonce Controversy

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By: Rizoh

      Beyonce’s mana-dad Matthew Knowles has shot down those nasty rumors that he’s mad at Ne-Yo. Knowles was supposedly ticked off that the R&B singer included Jennifer Hudson on his new album, Because of You. Hudson recorded a duet with Ne-Yo on the song "Leaving Tonight."

      The Knowles breadwinner was also supposedly upset that Ne-Yo didn’t give up all the credit for “Irreplaceable” (the No.1 smash he co-wrote), to Beyonce.

      Ne-Yo made it known in various interviews that he wrote all the lyrics to the song. “Apparently, Beyonce was at a show somewhere and right before the song came on,” she said: ‘I wrote this for my girls…’ The song is a co-write. I wrote all the lyrics. Beyonce helped me with the melodies and the harmonies and the vocal arrangement, and that makes it a co-write,” Ne-Yo was quoted as saying in MTV interview

      “Today is the first day I learned I’m unhappy with Ne-Yo. I never knew he said that. He does deserve to share in the credit,” said Papa Knowles to the Daily News.

      On a related note, Sony had to revise Beyonce’s "B-Day Deluxe Edition after legal entanglements arose because of the alleged unauthorized use of Des’ree’s song "Kissing You."


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