Paris Sentenced to 45 Days In Jail

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Oh my oh is the hotel heiress going to deal with that? She starts her sentence on June 5th and if she fails to show up she will have her sentence doubled. Hmm no comparison is there…a Hilton Hotel or a Cali all female detention center…a reality check coming right up

The most unknown music industry wife

      Through all the controversy over the age limit her husband  is supposed to desire when playing away from wife who really keeps out of the spotlight is Andrea Kelly, the wife of R Kelly and the mother of his children. She gives up her side of all the controversy in Essence this month and still to this days says that is
not her man in the video that was the creme de la creme of internet porn back in 2002. Wow that is loyalty for you.

Lil Kim going back to her roots?

      Turns out Lil Kim is taking a walk back down memory lane with Sean Combs as it has been reported by a couple of sources that the Queen B is looking to sign with Diddy and is working away in the studio with him. I mean maybe she is doing it to repay him for the party he threw her last year when she got outta jail..but seriously signing with Diddy ain’t right when he is still trying to be a rapper himself.


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