Paris Turns To Weed After Getting Beat Down.

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This week in LA, Paris got a beat down from a champ, Shanna Moakler . Shanna, star of the MTV reality show "Meet the Barkers," and soon to be x wife of Travis Barker (Blink 182) beat Paris’ ass at Hollywood nightclub Hyde. Rumor has it that Paris is the cause of Shanna and Travis’ breakup. Shanna is not afraid to beat a bitch down. It is rumored that her right hook can cause a knockout. After all, she learned from the best, her x hubby is boxing champ Oscar De La Hoya. Paris however, seemed to make a comeback. Just days later she was seen partying with her goody bag in hand.

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  1. paris hilton is a cheap slut,she’s just one of those trashy white hoes that has money and thinks she can have any man even if he’s married. i would’ve beat her ass too real good.

  2. why is everyone hatin on paris everyone knows she gets around travis was just another notch in her diamond encrusted prada belt {not saying she didn’t deserve to get her ass beat} as far as the maryjane who doesn’t blaze up

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