Perspective…Bobby Brown On Chris Brown “Compared To Things I’ve Been Convicted Of, Chris Brown Is A Baby.”

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Bobby Brown had an interview with Street Disciplez Radio recently in which he spoke on topics like his daughter’s alleged drug use and his relationship with Whitney. Oh, and he also took some time out to defend Chris Brown. Check this out:

“I never put my hands on Whitney or disrespected her in any manner…Chris Brown just give that brother a break, because we don’t know what happened between them in that relationship. We don’t know what went on between them, too. I think Chris Brown is a talented artist. I think Chris Brown deserves a second chance, no matter what. Because he’s young and he’s talented. Rihanna is doing her thing, Rihanna moved on and people need to move on with what happened between their relationship. And, I think Chris Brown deserves a second chance.”

This is hands down my favorite quote though:

“Compared to things I’ve been convicted of, Chris Brown is a baby. Chris Brown is a good brother and I wish him the best. We need an artist like him. Kids need an artist like him.”

Brown also spoke about his daughter Bobbi Kristina’s alleged drug use as well as her upcoming album:

“That’s just some bull**, let me just let ya’ll know. That’s some bull**, and my daughter’s great. She’s doing just fine; she’s in the studio recording her album, and she’s getting ready to blow ya’ll’s mind. Trust me.”

“Like I told a lot of people, she’s got her mother’s voice—even better than her mother’s—and she’s got my legs, so you think about that and you put that together.”

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